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Username-less login

The username-less login is a really useful UI improvement – now, after each login on the website, the page stores user mail hash and usernames in the cookie file - this information is used to create the following block on the next visit at the login page:

As you can see in this case, a user does not have to remember the login – he/she has to remember only his/her own password. Of course if the other user uses the same computer, then he/she can click "Not Super User?" link - then the form will back to the original layout:

The Username-less login can be enabled in the Advanced settings tab at the template settings.

Built-in LESS parser

The Meet Gavern template contains the built-in LESS parser - both for Bootstrap and template code. You can enable parsing the LESS files after every page refresh.

Warning! Please remember that if you enable the LESS parser then your modified CSS files will be overwriten by the new ones generated from the *.less files.

The LESS parser can be enabled separately for Bootstrap and for the template LESS files in the "Layouts" tab:

Warning! Please remember to disable the LESS parser after finishing your work - the process is a little bit time consuming so it can delay your page loading speed.

The Meet Gavern LESS code will be still improved to use full potential of the LESS syntax.

Where are the LESS files?

The LESS files are located in the two places:

  1. In the bootstrap/less/ directory the Bootstrap LESS files are located
  2. In the less/ directory the template LESS files are located .